From the Critics

“As a content writer,┬áPaige is fairytale great: she can turn straw into gold. Smart & witty, she’s also a pleasure to work with. She’ll ask the right questions and deliver a product that’s informative and easily read – even if the topic is difficult. She is accurate with her time estimates and always delivers by or before deadline. Love this writer!”

– Lynnell (Nixon) Fowler

“Working with Paige has been amazing. As a marketing consultant I constantly have clients looking to articulate a specific message that they cannot do themselves. Paige is fantastic at understanding the voice and writing to match not only the message, but also the feeling.”

– Andy Heiser

“It is amazing to have someone ‘get’ immediately an industry that they may/or may not have had any previous experience…this is how Paige works. Great research and great results with little to no tweaking.”

– Jennifer Pyatt

“I’ve worked with Paige for over a year now. Her professionalism is a lost art these days. Most want to rush through a project…Paige will make you slow down so you and her can get it right.”

– Dennis Dunn

“Paige is fast, efficient and delivers a very good final product. I highly recommend hiring her for your project/s.”

– Rachna Kanitkar

“Paige exceeded our expectations. I look forward to working with her more. Thank you!”

– Jason Houston