About P.

Paige Henry-Paige Scribbles-1910

As a copywriter, I get to do something I love every day: Sit by myself and play with words. I’ve been at it professionally since 2014.

My first love was reading. So when I went to college, I studied Comparative Literature, a degree that’s all about books. Of course, you can’t just major in “Reading Good.” I had to prove that I was thinking about the content strategically, which meant I had write essays. A lot of essays. The word choice, the tone, the paragraph structure—all of it impacted the storytelling. I read great work and slowly learned to write better myself, both academically and creatively.

Now I use that solitary skill set to help businesses stand out in the crowd. I’m literally (oh dear, the puns!) spreading the word about your brand. Each week brings a different writing assignment. It’s awesome. I’m always up for learning something new.

When I write for clients, the goal is to create an emotional bridge between their business and their potential clients. I try to take a more artistic, intellectual approach.Whether it’s a blog article, brochure, or an entire website—I’m not just describing products or services. I’m writing stories for companies.

To me, copywriting is about creating a real connection with your target audience. That’s why I’m always thinking about the reader. While writing copy, I’m constantly asking myself, “How does this make me feel?” If the content is informative or intriguing, it stays. When the words get convoluted or dull, they’re cut. Then it’s back to more scribbling.