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Meet: Shar-Pei (left) + Paige Henry, Copywriter

Meet: Shar-Pei (left) + Paige Henry, Copywriter

Nov 24, 2021

When the right words become harder and harder to find, business owners and marketing professionals alike turn to Paige Henry, a freelance copywriter who has the power to mine the depths of creativity and produce original, coherent writings for industries…

Image for Technology Client Ascent XR

Ascent XR Rises Above for Virtual Reality Development

Feb 12, 2020

Ascent XR introduces organizations and individuals from all backgrounds (both the tech-savvy and tech-adverse) to the immersive storytelling experiences of virtual reality (VR). Clients work with their creative team to develop educational programs and training simulators for all types of…

Image for Health Client Assured Direct Care

Assured Direct Care Provides Primary Healthcare, Affordability

Jan 28, 2020

Assured Direct Care is a primary care practice that believes affordable pricing makes for better healthcare. Rather than see their patients get confused over insurance co-pays and deductibles for routine visits, the team works with a flat-rate, monthly membership payment…

Image for Health Client Med Request Solutions, Inc.

Physician Offices Streamline Records with Med Request Solutions

Dec 5, 2019

Med Request Solutions manages release of information requests so healthcare providers and their staff can focus on other pressing tasks and patient care. They also handle quality review audits and other electronic medical record needs to help keep their clients…

Image for Health Client Keys to Medicare

Keys to Medicare Gives Seniors Better Medicare Enrollment

Oct 14, 2019

Keys to Medicare brings peace of mind to the complexities of Medicare coverage. This husband-wife duo will work to advise individuals on their enrollment options, supplemental plans, and other annual reviews. Every person’s situation with Medicare is unique, and that’s…