Assured Direct Care Provides Primary Healthcare, Affordability

Assured Direct Care Provides Primary Healthcare, Affordability

Assured Direct Care is a primary care practice that believes affordable pricing makes for better healthcare. Rather than see their patients get confused over insurance co-pays and deductibles for routine visits, the team works with a flat-rate, monthly membership payment model. That way, patients can pay their provider directly and get total billing transparency.

Because they do things differently than the traditional healthcare world, Assured Direct Care needed their website content to be focused on education. We wanted to answer common questions and then outline how their office works to build meaningful relationships with patients and their families throughout the Treasure Valley.

Your care should be built on a direct relationship with your health provider—not an insurance company. Our way of doing things helps you get the quality attention you deserve, without the fear of getting an unexpected bill.

Assured Direct Care offers a wide range of medical services for infants, children, adults, and seniors. We’re here to help address all of your essential health and wellness needs.

Our office availability is dedicated to convenience. Your health and wellness concerns happen around-the-clock, and we’re focused on providing easier communication.

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