Corporate Leaders, Nonprofits Hire Stefanie Krievins for Growth

Corporate Leaders, Nonprofits Hire Stefanie Krievins for Growth

Stefanie Krievins is a business coach for change-makers and high-achievers. She works with leaders in the corporate world, as well as nonprofits, and she’s a great partner for teams who won’t shy away from her boldness and down-to-earth strategies.

As a keynote speaker and someone with an extensive professional network, capturing Stefanie’s voice was especially important for creating her website content. Otherwise, people would “read between the lines” and feel like the words weren’t aligning with her mission. Stefanie’s clients are attracted to her because she encourages people to take risks and express enthusiasm for their work. Her content needed to do the same.

It’s not enough to say you want to grow. Your actions must make an impact. In order to do that, you’ve got to know who you are and what your organization is really about—at its deepest level.

Organizations that love innovation are right up my alley. Let me be your sounding board and strategic partner to kick your growth into high gear. Teams in both nonprofit and for-profit environments hire me to improve their processes. We work on effective communication, engagement, and retention so you can build a group that’s got everyone’s back.

My work resonates with good people wanting to do great things. Whether you’re looking for an engaging speaker for your next event, someone to organize your team-building workshop, or a personal coach to accelerate your growth—I’m here for you!

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