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Working With Me Is PRETTY SIMPLE.

But it can also seem a little funny. After all, how many times did our teachers tell us that we can’t copy someone else’s work? That you can’t pay someone else to write your final essay? Well, that was then. This is now. If you don’t like to write, then you totally can (and should) hire someone to create that content for you. 

I work with all types of clients…

Companies, nonprofits, and other organizations hire me for one-time writing projects and ongoing retainer work. These might be words for websites or blog articles, printed flyers or brochures, or other types of content edits.

(including marketing professionals)

Sometimes teams outsource their overflow content work to me. More often, I’m working as the go-to writer for independent marketing consultants who partner with me to better serve their clients.

…and I ask strategic questions…

It’s not always about “what” you know, but “how” we express that to your ideal clients. The way in which I figure out what to write is by starting at the end. Your audience/target market has questions of their own, so that’s where my mind goes first. I start by thinking about what “they” are thinking about. Then we schedule interviews, as needed, so I can get more familiar with your line of work and how you operate. Then I do some more thinking and tinkering.

…to write clearly and effectively for you.

Our first draft is rarely the final product. We have to make sure your content is using the correct vocab and actually reflects what you want and need to say. It should also feel like you, like what was in your head, now better on paper/screen.