New Finch Creek Fieldhouse Scores Big for Youth Sports

New Finch Creek Fieldhouse Scores Big for Youth Sports

Finch Creek Fieldhouse makes youth sports feel like the big leagues. The facility is perfect for year-round use, and the convenient location makes it a real cornerstone for the community.

As a multi-sport complex, Finch Creek Fieldhouse hosts a variety of athletic training camps and tournaments every season. Kids and teens come here to play baseball and softball, football, soccer, basketball, lacrosse, and even pickleball. There are two full-size indoor football fields, five basketball courts, eleven batting cages, and plenty of turf for everyone’s favorite activities. Their website content needed to capture excitement and enthusiasm—and work to invite new players to check out the action.

Nestled between the Noblesville and Fishers communities, Finch Creek Fieldhouse is a multi-sport facility for young athletes, their families, and fans.

They say practice makes perfect, but first you need place to play. At Finch Creek Fieldhouse, we give volleyball players the space they need to bump, set, and spike. With a total of 5 indoor courts, your fieldhouse can help make your game even greater.

Need to make arrangements for a bigger group? Teams, families, and other out-of-town guests traveling to Finch Creek Fieldhouse are always encouraged to reach out. Together, we’ll make sure everyone is ready to go for the big game.

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