Ascent XR Rises Above for Virtual Reality Development

Ascent XR Rises Above for Virtual Reality Development

Ascent XR introduces organizations and individuals from all backgrounds (both the tech-savvy and tech-adverse) to the immersive storytelling experiences of virtual reality (VR). Clients work with their creative team to develop educational programs and training simulators for all types of industries and applications.

Because the world of virtual reality is still relatively new, Ascent XR pays special attention to how they engage with clients. Playing with existing VR experiences is often the best place to start. Once you can see the possibilities in action, it’s easier to start imaging how organizations can adapt these tools for their own custom projects.

The work we do at Ascent XR goes beyond watching simulations on a screen—it’s about interacting with that content on an emotional level. The virtual reality technology has been proven to increase the speed of learning, reduce training costs, improve short- and long-term retention, and spark strong feelings of empathy.

Personal experience is a powerful teacher. That’s why virtual reality is so effective. The tech gives people the ability to develop real life skills in a totally customized setting. You can practice delicate work on an operating table, learn about a new piece of manufacturing equipment, or run through a general onboarding program. This tech can simulate just about any training exercise with just a headset and some handheld remotes.

It all starts with a consultation and demo. If you haven’t already experienced VR for yourself, this meeting can be a lot of fun. Our collaboration can help you improve your systems, engage your audience, and create a long-term impact.

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