Agency Interview Evidence Upgrades to iRecord Systems

Agency Interview Evidence Upgrades to iRecord Systems

iRecord provides public safety professionals with the audio video recording solutions they need to document accurate interview evidence. Police departments, child advocacy groups, and other agencies rely on iRecord’s equipment for both onsite and mobile recording systems.

We’ve been working together since 2018 to deliver relevant, informative content to their clients and prospects. These blog articles discuss best practices for interview room design, considerations for collecting interview evidence from victims, and other insights for delivering court-admissible evidence. iRecord’s mission is to serve and protect the individuals who serve and protect our communities—and their software solutions help ensure justice for us all.

When agencies pledge to record their interview evidence, they not only give the court useful information on the suspect—they also help protect their team from unreasonable accusations or questions of coercion.

You only have one chance to secure the interview evidence that can make or break your case. The right recording solution matters. That’s why our team at iRecord carefully developed a recording model specifically with law enforcement agencies and advocacy groups in mind. Our iRecord Universe system lets you start to record audio and video with a quick flip of a wall switch in your interview room. From there, agencies can use our software solution to easily save and share redactions, add notes to key timestamps of the conversation, and more.

The primary reason for recording child testimonies is to eliminate the need to repeat the story again and again. Securing the evidence in a single interview helps the child avoid additional stress. Moreover, it gives all parties a concrete reference point.

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