The RND Group Drives Medical Devices to FDA-Approval

The RND Group Drives Medical Devices to FDA-Approval

The RND Group specializes in developing software for medical devices. Their streamlined process gives innovators and investors a leg-up for the FDA-approval process.

An in-house verification and validation team allows The RND Group to give clients a holistic approach to their software development. Once their software engineers finish their work, a separate department can run through the criteria to make sure it’s on-track for FDA compliance. Their website content needed to reflect their industry experience and expertise, as well as their deep commitment to respecting all of their client relationships—to get those solutions to market, so they can start helping patients.

Our clients come to us for complex collaboration. But first, they need a stable estimate and clear timeline. That’s exactly what we deliver. We pride ourselves on precision.

A deep-dive into your project’s software design and source code can provide your team with new insights on how to make your solution even better. The RND Group’s experience with medical product development can help you drill down to what your software truly needs.

When you start working with IoT solutions, you need to have the appropriate systems in place to keep your data secure. This is even more crucial in the healthcare industry. Our experience in data security can help keep your project’s data protected.

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